We are Non-Government, Non-Commercial Organization - «the Ideas Development   Fund  –  Tbilisi – Kyiv" (ZIDF Tbilisi –Kyiv), which has 13 300 members already  and the number of the organization  is still  gradually increasing day per day.  Our goal is to implement  the largest and most comprehensive project  which is called as

“Theproject of economical assist of  Georgian population".

Our organization is registered in all regions of Georgia with 25 representations (and additionally  26 in Ukraine as well). The members of our organization are: 1)  thegroup of Scientists ( Academicians, Professors, Doctors from different spheres of science,). 2) The group of  Technicians -  ( Professors and Doctors,  specialists and workers  in different  technical spheres ). 3) The Winemakers' union (which includes the owners of small wine cellars, Qvevri wine makers). 4) Cargo  Transportation Service. 5) We have our insurance package, having concluded contract with insurance company.  And the most important aim  of our  activity is the fact, that - in our organization are involved   the greater part of  Georgian population, which needs  to be supported for the purpose of their further development, raising of  the life level  by  widening their small  and average business activities of those, who have the business-plan and wishes to  develop their business by a special application. (We  performed  a specific research  and we know what kind of  help the population needs in each region and villages and settlements  in order to overcome the poor and miserable life of people, to  find work  and to  involve the members of their family or 2-5 people  in  their small business activity. All these will  significantly change the overall economic situation of the country to  better  state and rehabilitate the villages and settlements, towns and cities. The population of our country can receive biological products in any field of agriculture.

Particular demand from the population In case of  supporting is to develop:

1. the livestock breeding, pig breeding, breeding of goat, sheep, rabbits, fish or poultry breeding , where the population needs only financial support , but:

2. In developing   viticulture, gardening and vegetable growing the population has much more problems: the financial support of this sector of agriculture should include:

   A. Technological support: Tractor, various trailers and relevant transport. Appropriate plant and seed supplies. C. Providing water supply. D. Production, construction and installation of refrigerator, warehouse and drywall farms.  

3. Tourism is a very important issue for the population of our country. There are three main directions in this sphere: a) Rehabilitation of the people’s  own dwelling houses in  a  family type hotels. B). Installing wooden tourist cottages and  c) Purchase of transport (even secondary) for tourist services

4. Beekeeping.

5. Arrangement of  small size  shops, salons, cafes and bakeries;

6. Changing technical devices in   old  enterprises into new ones; 

7. Creation of new enterprises .

8. Supporting   to managing the work of  Nursery Schools, schools and  other educational institutions;

9. Flower business  and   greenhouse economy. 

10. Intellectual part -Supporting of  nominal books publication .

11. Innovation projects, which include different directions and values.

12. Social projects

 Our organization supports the population of our country in  attracting finances and  technically engagement as well; itsupports people in studying by conducting  trainings or lectures in every direction, in self-employment of people in any field of business activity. We  have already  started active  development of cooperative  economy in  all directions;  As well as  Maximally economical use of funds in  any project implementation. We also make all attempts  to support  a person in  implementation of his  personal ideas  and  in producing  modern ecologically clean product. So we are asking everyone to help the people  through  our organization.

We believe that your  good will in relation to supporting  the population  of Georgia  will   rejuvenate  and help our population to develop their life  and  live in the same phase as you live in and we will provide you with proper assistance and make a choice on our organization that will perfectly implement any project in any sphere  of life. It will not be implemented in such a way as it is now,  when 85%  from  the costs  in agriculture  are dysfunctional, is in unstable state and  unused, or  when the government  funds have been   accumulated in incorrectly selected beneficiary's hands   and when  many projects have been   terminated  in the first  very year.

We would like to express our gratitude, a lot of   thanks to  the representations of any country: Embassies, organizations or individuals with this grand project - “The project of economical assist of  Georgian population" - for their  contribution in  the implementation  of the project  and   submit  our requisites:


 American program for development of Georgia

   The NGO "Ideas Development Fund" (ZIDF) was established on March 23, 2018 in USA and later in Georgia and later in Ukraine, ZIDF TBILISI-KYIV and signed a contract with the American organization "IMTD" (INSTITUTE FOR MULTI-TRACK DIPLOMACYY). The goal of the organization is Georgia's economic assistance, which envisages receiving grant applications in Georgia and in Ukraine as well. Fields and directions based on contact. Following receipt of applications, one whole sectoral project consists of beekeeping, cattle breeding, tourism, etc. Which will be presented to the donors, after the completion of the relevant instances, the existing project (hereinafter the applicant) will be financed.